About Us

Mission and Vision

At Child’s Friends Serbia, our mission is to protect and promote the well-being of children in Serbia and ensure their rights are respected at all times. We envision a society where every child is given equal opportunities, love, and support, enabling them to flourish into confident and capable individuals.

History of Child’s Friends Serbia

Child’s Friends Serbia was founded in About Us, with the aim of fighting against child exploitation, abuse, and neglect in Serbia. Since its inception, our organization has worked tirelessly to safeguard children’s rights and provide them with the necessary resources and opportunities to thrive.

Founder – Pamela Smith

Passion and commitment drive our work, and behind the establishment of Child’s Friends Serbia stands our incredible founder, Pamela Smith. Pamela has been dedicated to championing the rights of children for over two decades. Her extensive background in child protection and development has laid the foundation for our organization’s valuable initiatives and collaborations.

The Creation of Our Website

Child’s Friends Serbia is proud to have launched this website as an essential platform for global engagement and awareness. We recognized the need to expand our reach beyond geographical boundaries and create a space where resources, knowledge, and stories could be shared. By embracing the digital era, we aim to connect with a diverse and wider audience, inspire change, and empower individuals.  

Our Website’s Objective

The objective of our website is to provide a wealth of informative and educative content centered around various aspects of child protection, development, and rights. We aim to raise awareness, drive social change, and equip caregivers, educators, and policymakers with the necessary tools to address the critical issues impacting children in Serbia.

Target Audience

Child’s Friends Serbia’s website serves a broad target audience including parents, guardians, educators, researchers, policymakers, and anyone passionate about child welfare and development. Our content caters to individuals both within Serbia and around the world who seek to gain knowledge, stay informed, and contribute to positive change.

The Unique Value We Bring

At Child’s Friends Serbia, we stand out for our exceptional commitment to ensuring quality content that aligns with the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and relevance. We have assembled a team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members who scrutinize every piece of information shared on our platform. By prioritizing these values, we offer credible resources, engage in intelligent analysis, and present evidence-based solutions to protect children’s rights.

Join us in our collective efforts to create a brighter future for Serbia’s children. Explore our website, become part of our global community, and help us make a difference!

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